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Publicist-media relations services, predominantly in the areas of music and entertainment, as well as law, science, and education. Media Campaigns: National, multilingual and multicultural media, individual journalists, bloggers, street buzz-makers, industry associations, festivals and more. VivoPR works with a variety of companies, individuals and artists, taking a focused, personalized and creative approach to media relations. Multilingual (English, French and Spanish) and with a special focus on Quebec.

VivoPR  has an extensive contact list that includes national, multilingual and multicultural media, individual journalists, bloggers, buzzmakers in addition to industry associations, bookers, festivals and general music, arts and entertainment companies. VivoPR offers general marketing services, media training, video, film, theatrical planning and presentations with creative direction, concept and story creator.

Previous to founding Vivo Musique Internationale, Glenda Rush worked as a national jazz publicist at Universal Music Canada/Verve Music Group. She worked on a variety of campaigns including national media relations for renowned artists such as Dr. Oscar Peterson, Randy Weston, Diana Krall, Charlie Haden, Ray Brown, and Moe Koffman, and with the family of labels that included ECM Records, Telarc Records, Fantasy,  Mercury and Prestige.

Guest Speaker/ Glenda Rush

Teacher, Vanier College: Since 2007, Glenda Rush has been teaching a Seminars course in self marketing, promotion and general music -audio related topics for the Audio Recording Technology program at Vanier College (CEGEP) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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