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 “I have had the pleasure of working with Glenda over the last 15 years in many different capacities. She has tremendous passion for the artists and initiatives she represents and her approach to whatever it is she’s working on is infectious. She is a professional in every sense of the word”- Brad Barker, Music Director/On-Air Host, JAZZ.FM91

 "Glenda is a tireless advocate for artistry — she excels at communicating the excitement and vitality of creative music to audiences everywhere." - Darcy James Argue

 “What distinguishes Glenda from others in her business is the manner with which she is able to blend tenacity with persuasion. Glenda has no limits when it comes to representing her clients. She is creative, resourceful, insightful, loyal and displays uncommon common sense. Her understanding of her business is comprehensive - easy for her as she has done practically everything. My professional interactions with her have always been pleasant and fruitful. Partnering with Glenda would be just about the best decision anyone could make.” - Jacob Potashnik, Media Producer, Headstrong Films, Inc.

 “I just wish to express something very short and real about this extraordinary professional lady, Glenda Rush. I know Glenda for a few years. We met in New York City and I've seen her moving ahead in the unquieted world of music. Glenda traveled with us to Miami for a super concert with the Legendary Afro Cuban Jazz percussionist, Maestro Candido Camero. During those days in Miami, I noticed how she handled all her tasks. Glenda moves smoothly and professionally; In concerts, on recordings, on bookings, on Artist Management, on Public Relations and Media Contacts, on advertising and on personal relationship with colleagues and artists. We at Latin Jazz USA Productions, have been and would be very happy to work with Glenda Rush at any time.” - Ivan Acosta, President, Latin Jazz USA Productions (Concerts, Recordings, Documentaries, Films & Advertising, New York City)

 “Promoting live events in tandem with another publicist, especially on the scale of a cross-country jazz festival tour, is a daunting prospect to say the least. Lucky for me, when that exact situation came up this summer, the other publicist was Glenda Rush. Giving her the credit she deserves is a pleasure, as was collaborating with her to promote Darcy James Argue's first Canadian tour. An incredibly positive demeanor and uncommon level of dedication to her clients are immediately evident in her work, and her vast network of connections with both national and local media proved invaluable to making Darcy's tour an unqualified success. The only problem we had was trying to find time for Darcy to do all the interviews she so carefully and effectively made possible. She has my highest recommendation and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.”- Scott Menhinick,Brand Strategist at Berkshire Brand Management

 “Glenda came to my rescue 6 years ago when I was looking for someone to help promote my new business and product.  Her professionalism and attention to details is what impressed me the most. She also had so many creative ideas that helped plant the seed and brought my business to the next level.  Even after my contract was completed, Glenda continues to help me grow.  Her friendship and generosity is invaluable to me as a person and for my company.  - Ingrid Poupart, President, Cellfield Canada Inc. 

 “I took care of the Verve Music Group and Universal Jazz labels for 8 years, and worked very closely with Glenda as her partner in the marketing, promotion and publicity of a massive artist roster comprising legends of jazz and developing artists within many of the biggest jazz labels in history.  This included Verve, Impulse, ECM, CBC Records, Jazzland, Telarc, Fantasy Records and many others.   With Glenda, we launched the huge Ken Burns jazz series, many of the albums of jazz star Diana Krall (including the 9X Platinum album ‘The Look of Love’) numerous releases and a Canadian production from the great Oscar Peterson, and countless other milestones.  Glenda and I were the point person’s for all of the launch plans for these projects, and she was an absolutely incredible partner in those years we worked together.   Her grace, professionalism, and deep attention to detail, along with her creative mind and sense of humour, made her such a perfect colleague.  I learned a ton about the music business, artist relations, media relations and time management from Glenda, and I count her as one of the very few influences in my career.   We have remained close through the years and I have watched Glenda take her immense skills to her own label, management and PR company, to huge success.  Glenda remains one of the most professional, committed, and passionate executives in the Canadian music industry, and is admired by a huge cross section of the entertainment industry.” - Scott Morin, Former head of Universal Jazz, Verve Music Group, Juno Award Winning Producer and Musician

“I have worked with Glenda not only as a media professional but as an artist and performer as well. As host of Café Latino on Canada's premier jazz station JazzFm 91, Glenda has continuously kept in touch with me, has brought wonderful music and artists to my attention and has followed up with me in regards to including them on my playlists and promoting their shows. On a personal level when I released my second album Un Solo Beso, it was Glenda I turned to, in order to help me promote and bring my own work to the media's attention. As a singer songwriter and artist I trust Glenda completely with her advice and her management and development skills.” - Laura Fernandez, Singer songwriter, artist and producer host of Café Latino on Jazz FM 91

 “The best in Montreal for all music and entertainment I know. Principally, Miss Glenda Rush is qualified for doing the best. The reference in music, in my preference, goes to Vivo Musique.” - Philippe ‘Toto’ Laraque

 “I had the absolute pleasure of working with Glenda for the launch of my debut album "Gold" in 2014. The album reached the top 10 on many of the jazz charts in Canada, and I received excellent press for my follow up tour as a result of Glenda's persistence and hard work. She's professional, creative, talented, and truly wonderful to work with. I'd highly recommend her.” - Ellen Doty, Canadian pop-jazz vocalist and songwriter